Why, hello old friend.

It’s been quite some time since I posted here, but in my defense, stuff was happening.


My YA fantasy has been done for awhile. It had to hibernate while I rested my eyes and brain, but then I revised it a multitude of times and kicked it out the front door into the world. It’s been received with the usual mix of interest and rejection from agents, but I’m feeling optimistic and will most certainly share any exciting news, should it transpire.


Oh, my. The spring show remains one of my all-time favorites, I think. It’s easy to say that after each show (“That was the best one yet!”), but truly. I was so proud to be a part of the vision of our co-directors, Chris and Melissa – that epic, 13-minute opening number with 20 performers and 25 apparatuses! And I learned a new apparatus which quickly claimed my heart: flying on Spanish web!

You can see a lot of gorgeous photos taken by Shannah Cahoe Montgomery of Zoomworks in the gallery here, but below are a few favorites featuring yours truly (all photos by Shannah, unless otherwise noted!)…


(That’s me in the upper left, front.)

Canopy True Colors 2016

My delightful partner, Lauren, spinning me!


Photo by Mark Caron

I’m also a bit proud of performing in an apparatus that we constructed just for the show – something that I thought of as my “rope forest” after being inspired by some modern art. I am deeply appreciative of my friends who helped me figure out how to rig it and then how to move in it! The whole thing was a learning experience, start to finish. I also learned that yes, I can do an upside down toe climb while in a miniature back plank.

Canopy True Colors 2016

Canopy True Colors 2016

Canopy True Colors Rep 2016

Canopy True Colors 2016

I seriously broke my toe some weeks ago – I’ll spare you the gory details, but no toe should ever look like that –  and am forever grateful for my doctor pal who set it and my PT pal who is making sure I get that toe back in rope-climbing condition soon. I’m exercising my patience, and learning new ways to move on the bar while wearing a shoe. I’m posting progress on that front, in fits and starts, on my Instagram.

And now begins many weeks of summer trapeze camp, in which I teach while my kiddo attends. Week one is already in the books, and I was VERY proud of my son for performing in front of his fellow campers. I made the following picture collage for him and he was 100% unimpressed or remotely interested. Oh well. Still proud!



Growing on purpose: okra, glass gem corn, and a multitude of flowers, all saved from seeds I collected in the fall! I also purchased some pumpkin seeds and planted our first ever pumpkin patch – fingers crossed for the fall!

I collected the glass gem corn seeds from some of last year’s tiny crop, which looked like this:


Growing on accident in the compost, and thus way more hearty and thriving than anything I plant myself: potatoes and some kind of gourd.

Also, now that my toe is less swollen, it fits inside a boot – so I’m going to build a patio! Robert will surely help (right?), but I have to admit that this is really my thing. I get so much enjoyment out of the physical labor of my amateur landscape work, and don’t mind the quiet time in the yard. R made some excellent noodle soup while I was working today, so it’s an even exchange in my mind.

See? Foot in boot. Breaking ground.



They remain adorable. That is all.




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