I live in Athens, Ga. This is coincidentally the same town in which I was born, grew up, graduated from UGA with degrees in journalism and French, and now live with my husband, son, enormous cat, and noble dog. I would probably mind this a lot more if Athens were a terrible place to live, but thankfully it’s a pretty incredibly wonderful place to live, so it all worked out.


This is the aforementioned cat. He’s a Maine Coon and called Mister Lewis Burrows. He is not the affectionate sort. I am impressed by our close proximity in this picture.


This is Brody, who is also a cinnamon roll. Sometimes a muffin.

When I’m not freelance writing for other people or working on my own fiction, I work as an aerialist at Canopy Studio, teaching adults and children the mind-blowing joy of aerial dance. I’m also a founding member of Canopy’s professional repertory company. I primarily work on single-point dance trapeze—an art pioneered by Terry Sendgraff, who was the teacher of my own mentor, Susan Murphy—though I have also performed on lyra and fabrics. You can read my professional aerial bio here!

You can also keep up with my ongoing aerial adventures on my Instagram, although you  may have to wade through pictures of my pets, flowers growing in my yard, random cups of tea and the (very) occasional plate of food. Only when it looks good, promise.

When I’m not writing or teaching trapeze, I stay plenty busy, especially during the school year, when I’m an assistant teacher in a preschool classroom, and teach electives in the afternoons at the local fabulous STEAM school (Double Helix!). In quieter moments, I discuss Minecraft or other gaming-obsession-of-the-moment, sometimes endlessly, with my son. I drink a lot of coffee and tea with my husband. I admire my non-cuddly cat and hug my snuggly dog, although I try not to do that, ever since I read that dogs don’t like hugs (boooo!). And I garden, knit, draw, and hike in the woods to clear my head.


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